About Us

About Us

Niryat Business is a single point where you will get all the information related to Export Business.
We have started export journey 3 years before.
Niryat Business is an initiative of Amit Kamboj to boost the growth of Indian Exports by providing the right skill set of Exports business to our young generation and domestic Industry.

Know About Amit kamboj

  • IIFT (Indian Institute of foreign trade) Alumni –Only institute in India set up by government of India for foreign trade.
  • Vast Work Experience of 13 Years of Business development at various managerial position in Pharma and supply chain industry.
  • Worked with top fortune companies of India.
  • Expanding export business to Asian, EU, American and African continent.
  • Interviewed by IIIem.
  • Associated with Bhupendera Singh Rathore, India’s No. 1 Breakthrough Strategist and leading business coach.
  • Association and working with Rahul Bhatnagar, International Business coach.
  • Speaker and chairperson at ECGC (Export credit Guarantee Corporation) event. Which is worked under ministry of Commerce & Industry.

How Export journey started

While studying in IIFT seed of export business was started germinating when I saw the faculty of institute involving in the decision making of government of India’s foreign trade policy. That time I realized the actual situation of exports and became restless that despite of so much resources and manpower in India our exports is just 2% of total words Export. When I dig deep and analyzed it, was shocked to see that we are lacking exports skills in India, we are afraid of doing exports business and do not take initiatives to learn this wonderful business. That time I took decision to come into exports industry and help our youngsters and domestic industry to do more exports so that India’s heritage of GOLDEN SPARROW time will come again and India can become rich again. Exports is the main business which can bring back the Golden Sparrow era again to India.

How I overcame all the problems in my first export order! Real life time learning for new exporters

When I started this journey I had lot of questions in my mind and I hope everyone is having lot of doubt in his mind before initiating anything new.

Do you have following questions in your mind like others?

How will you learn necessary export business skill?
Where to start from?
How to take domestic business to internationally.
How to find genuine buyers.
How will you get your export order?
How to do export documentation.
What would be the payment terms with importers?lly.
How to find a product for export business.
How to identify the market for your product.
If your payments stuck then what to do.
If you do not know English then how to communicate with buyers.
How to market your product.
How to establish a new export business.
How to arrange funds for your export order.
How to take ECGC cover for your export consignments.
How to deal with ECGC.
How to set price for your product in international market.
How to negotiate with importers
How to procure product for Export.
What will be the packaging for export?
How to send samples of your product
How to arrange logistics.
How to do custom formalities.
How to deal with shipping lines.
How to send documents to buyer.
How to deal with Bank
How to communicate with foreign bank.
How to deal with shipping lines.

I know your mind is full of all such questions. You are not alone. I was also having all the doubts before when i was thinking to start my own export business. So come back to us if you have any question related to export business and i will make sure you get all your queries solved.

Therefore, i am sharing all my export business skills, techniques, strategies, knowledge and most importantly mentorship to enable you to earn in dollars $, get massive respect, travel the world and live an extra ordinary life.

Our Value Proposition

Best Knowledge
We provide best combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge came from IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade) and practical knowledge came from our Export business experience. So you get best knowledge in the industry.

Mentoring and Coaching
We handhold our participants and clients in executing their export order by overcoming all the hurdles they faced by mentoring and coaching.

Single window Solution
Niryat Business is One stop solution for all your export business related queries. Online and offline presence We provide training both online and offline so you can join us from anywhere in India.

7 days refund policy
We stand by our product and service as most reliable and practical Export Import Training program ever created.
If it doesn’t yield those results for you, or for any reason if you are not fully satisfied with Export Import Training for any reason, just let us know within 7 days for a full refund of your purchase price.
No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

ECGC support
We have dealt with ECGC in our export business so we have practical experience with ECGC and we guide our clients with right strategy How to deal with ECGC, when they face difficulties in getting payments of their export order.

Best Knowledge
Mentoring and Coaching
Single window Solution
7 days refund policy
ECGC support
Product Selection
Market Selection
Lifetime Support
Export Community

Right Decision

Product Selection
We help our clients and participants major crucial point that is to identify the product

Market Selection
After product selection, market selection is the crucial point in export business. We support our clients and students to select market for their product.

Lifetime Support
We provide life time support to our students in their export journey.

Export Community
By associating with us we will connect you to export community, where you can exchange your ideas and problems and there will be healthy discussion on all the export problems and opportunities.

Right Decision
Our clients are always updated with latest change in the International Business, which help them to take right decision at right time for their export business.